Parents in Langwarrin want a sunny and smooth introduction to early childhood education. It is because parents are aware that the great first school experience of their children sets the stage for the rest of their education.

To this end, the goal for a smoother transition for a young child to begin formal schooling is achieved when he/she attends a high-quality Langwarrin kindergarten. While no Langwarrin kindergarten is perfect, some have an edge above the rest. 

Why your child needs to attend kindergarten

The goal of early education programs such as kindergarten should be seriously considered by parents. The goals of kindergarten to help children practice and learn the necessary study, social, problem-solving, and emotional skills puts them in good standing throughout their schooling.

The benefits both parents and children gain from a top-notch kindergarten include:

Helps children in directing their curiosity

Children are naturally curious about everything around them. Making them attend a high-quality kindergarten teaches them to focus while directing and sparking their natural curiosity. Learning to focus instils a lifetime love of learning.

Self-esteem development

One of the main goals of high-quality kindergarten is to develop the self-esteem of children. Making children feel confident and feel good about themselves boosts their self-esteem. The challenges of learning become a fun and exciting task for children to do when they feel confident about their abilities.

Learning to cooperate

Cooperation is learned by children in kindergarten. Learning to get along with others and being able to learn and work with their peers is the best way for children to learn cooperation. Being able to take turns, listen to others, and sharing are social skills that children need to have during their schooling years and beyond.

Traits of high-quality kindergarten

Parents and educators give varying descriptions of the best kindergarten. Yet, they all agree that high-quality kindergarten should:

Foster a love of learning

Classrooms that are stocked full of books and children’s writings/drawings posted on the walls are one of the signs of a good kindergarten. Being surrounded by books and their writings/drawings inspires children to foster a love of lifetime learning.

Helps expand the learning horizons of children

Problem-solving skills learned from a good kindergarten expand the confidence and feelings of self-worth of children. This enables them to spark their interest in challenging tasks and abilities to work with their peers. The horizons of learning expand when children become more confident in tackling challenging projects or work.

Sitting activities involving large groups of children are kept to a minimum

The activities implemented by the ideal kindergarten feature small-group hands-on and play-based learning. This allows children to adjust to peers and their teachers. Longer activities involving large groups of children are used as the year progresses. This is to prepare children for a smoother transition for 1st grade.

Combine both child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities

Working with small groups or on their own during projects and investigations are excellent activities used by high-quality kindergarten.

Parents and children normally stick to the same school as switching over to a new school can be trying. Yet, switching to a new school, while not ideal, is necessary when a parent sees that the school’s program or the teaching approach is not the right fit for the child. The decision of choosing the right school is always crucial. Contact us at Langwarrin kindergarten to learn more about our kindergarten programs.

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