There are a number of reasons why you might prefer sending your child to child care at The Gap. Most parents are unable to look after the children full time because they have to return to work. When the maternity leave is over it is a good time to send your child to a safe and secure environment where they can grow to their full potential.

Advantages offered by child care at the gap

Most parents prefer that the child goes through a formal structured environment this holds especially true for toddlers. Most of the time the program is structured to prepare the children for kindergarten and learn different tasks and co-operate with their classmates. Any toddler who visits the day care at The Gap is engaged in a number of different activities. They are taught many skills like singing, dancing and painting in a structured manner so as to enable their cognitive growth as well.

It is better to enrol your child at a day care Centre because these are inspected for licensing purposes and the caregivers are experienced in dealing with young children. Says the strict rules are followed and a stringent program is an operation you can rest assured that your child would be in a safe and Secure environment.

The childcare is operated during the time which is feasible for the parents,  so it is easier for them to drop of the child and pick them up at the specific time. For example it is open from Monday to Friday and the working hours are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. This allows parents plenty of opportunity to complete their work and then come and pick their child. Even if you are looking for a temporary arrangement, a day care is safe for your little one. You can he assured about its security.

Instead of hiring a Nanny a day care arrangement offers a child a more stable environment. This is because your child is going to be looked after despite the fact a caregiver might be absent or they might have taken a sick leave. Also the child care is open all 6 days of the week and only closed during the holidays. This means you don’t need to miss work in case the nanny doesn’t show up.

The staff at day-care is trained in handling children and they know how to nurture the developmental skills.  Most of the caregivers are certified teachers or teacher’s assistant who have had special training in early childhood education and other such related fields. The curriculum is also developed by certified teachers and it is tested to ensure that your child goes through the best cognitive development.

Make sure that you always visit the child care located in The Gap in person to get an idea regarding the environment and the atmosphere.

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