There are 282 Catholic schools and 172 Independent schools in Brisbane and across Queensland. The majority of private schools are in Brisbane. There are nine Independent boys schools and 14 Catholic boys schools across Brisbane and Queensland. There are 11 Independent girls schools and 19 Catholic girls schools throughout Brisbane and Queensland. The rest of Brisbane and Queensland Catholic and Independent schools are co-educational. In Queensland, there are 39 boarding schools, and 11 of them are Brisbane schools.

One of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child is the opportunity of quality education. It is important that you choose the right school to suit your child’s needs, as all schools are different and offer different programs. An important step is to involve your child in deciding which school they will go to. Start by developing a list of things that are important to you and your child. This will help in making the decision. You may also want to consider which schools your child’s friends attend, as well as the public transport options to the school and the length of travel time.

There are so many things to take into account when looking for the best school for your child. Parents and their children have important decisions to make when it comes to choosing the best high school. Different families will value different things – some may be very academically focused, some may prioritise sport and activities, and some may be interested in pastoral care and development.

Choosing a high school for your child is one of the most challenging decisions you will have to make as a parent. There’s co-education, single-sex, religious and non-denominational to start with, all before you consider whether to choose public, private or independent. To give you a feel for the privacy options we’ve compiled this list of some of Brisbane’s leading private schools.

Let’s be clear on one important thing: this is not a definitive ranking of Australia’s best private schools and can’t be interpreted that way. In a list of 30 schools spanning seven cities, some big names with outstanding records will inevitably miss the cut. There is a range of ways of measuring schools, and what might be suitable for your children could be on scales that are harder to measure, like ethos, convenience, or specialisation in a particular sport or academic field.

Our approach to selecting the schools was to look at those that had excellent student performance, were recognised as a prestigious institution, had distinguished alumni. We also spoke to a number of business executives and people in our network about what they considered to good schools, including people from every Australian city to get a feel for the schools that were essential inclusions.

Not everyone has the means to choose a school for their kids. But for those who do it, it can be a fraught decision. Making a perfect choice is impossible, but by thinking about your child and your family, you can at least make a good choice.

No, private schools aren’t better at educating kids than public schools. Why this new study matters. Despite evidence showing otherwise, it remains conventional wisdom in many parts of the education world that private schools do a better job of educating students, with superior standardised test scores and outcomes.

Conventional wisdom holds that private schools generally perform better than government schools academically. Many parents believe they are “purchasing” better education for their children by choosing a private school.

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